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Jim Guthrie
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James Guthrie has been a leader and innovator in multifamily housing over the past 31 years,
dedicating his architectural career to the design and development of multifamily housing of all
Jim graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree with honors from California Polytechnic State
University at San Luis Obispo, CA in 1972. In 1977 he co-founded Goes, Guthrie & Associates, Inc., a
multifamily specialist firm, and from 1977 through 1985, he was the principal architect for the firm's
entire body of work.
In 1985, he founded James Guthrie & Associates, Inc. to continue his multifamily work, with greater
architectural freedom. To date, Jim has designed and overseen the completion of over 160
significant multifamily developments, totaling over 26,000 units across the western United States, for
many of the industry’s leading multifamily developers, including SummerHill Homes, BRE
Properties, Sares Regis Group, Prometheus Development, BKB homes, Bridge Housing Corporation,
Mid Peninsula Housing Coalition and Stanford University.
Jim is licensed in California, Washington, Nevada and Colorado and is a member of the National
Council of Architectural Registration Boards, the Construction Specifications Institute and The
International Conference of Building Officials.
In addition to new project development, Jim has also been retained as a forensic architect, to
evaluate latent defects on existing residential developments due to his extensive construction


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